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Seed vigor is a measure not just of a seed’s ability to germinate, but its ability to develop into a normal seedling under the less-than-ideal growing conditions that commonly occur in the field.

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Meet the needs and requirements of the client

Continuous development of production processes to gain control customer customer satisfaction ongoing oversight and review on the development of equipment and inspection by senior management and staff be responsible for the actions and instructions.

Ensure the safety and health of food securi

During the latest equipment and techniques and the application of industrial methods of programs and goals are supported and renewed periodically by the audit conducted by a qualified team and coach on the application of diet is healthy and safe and effective

In the areas of health, safety, and environment

In the field of health:
Promote and protect the health status of the company’s employees, contractors, and the community permanently.
In the field of safety:
Risk reduction and risks that may cause damage to persons (employees, contractors, and the community) resulting from the company’s activities.
mashhour is taking all the necessary precautions needed to reduce losses in the company’s property through the application of process safety management system so as to control the business risks and prevent accidents and injuries associated with the work.
In the field of the environment:
Protect the environment and reduce the negative effects that may result from the company’s operations to the greatest extent, by reducing emissions and discharges and waste.

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